Bill Clinton Needs To Speak Up

In a little over a year from now American voters will be going to the polls to once again elect a President.  Between now and then politics and promises will once again dominate our media just as it has in past election cycles.

Veteran political pundits recall recent campaigns where the focus was on our national economy and the everyday talk at the water cooler revolved around expression such as, “it’s the economy stupid” or “are you better off today than you were four years ago”.  Lacking some economic miracle or major disaster to change our focus it appears that the next election will once again turn our attention to the economy.

For the candidates now is the time to sharpen their daggers, load their bullets and get ready for the battle with their political opponents.  In 2008 we saw the problems of the economy redefined not as issues of economics but an issue of personality.  Our problems we were told did not come from excessive spending or reckless representatives in Congress.  No our problem was personalize with the demonization of then President George Bush.

As a nation we accepted the premise our problems were the fault of George Bush and the only thing that we needed to solve our dilemma was “hope and change”.  Now here we are three years later and we can look back and once again ask are we better off than we were four years ago?  Do we still have hope that the change is coming to once again turn our economy into an economic engine of opportunity?

Our current President, Barack Obama has put off for three years any meaningful plan that would jump start our economy or provide a glimmer of hope to millions of Americans out of work.  In the past few days he has however said he will have a plan after he has a vacation.

It has been three years and nothing has brought forth the change that we expected with so much hope and promise.  Could it be, what we heard were only empty words written on a teleprompter, delivered by an empty suit with no real plan for accomplishment?

We have given the former community organizer three years to get up to speed with on the job experience and now we need only wait until he comes back from vacation.  It has been a long hard road and we are near the end of our journey, we are about to hear the grand plan to fire up the economy in time for the 2012 election.

Do you really expect we will see a plan for our economy or do you expect a plan that will once again be more designed to build a voting base with a payoff of your tax dollars?  Somebody, maybe Mr. Clinton has to tell Barack Obama, “Mr. President it’s the economy stupid”


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