The Problem In Washington Is Goats

History has its’ scapegoats Nero used the Christians, Stalin blamed the failure of the Russian economy on the small independent farmers, known as Kulaks and Hitler used the Jews.  Throughout history scapegoats have been used to divert attention from reality.

Government leaders are all motivated from different perspectives but a common trait is the belief in their own self-worth, ego if you will.  Covering their shortcomings, hiding their failures and finding plausible explanations for their mistakes make some politicians masters at creating scapegoats.

Our economic woes should not be blamed on a single factor.  While it may be expedient for some to blame everything on, George Bush it is equally silly to blame Barack Obama.  We do not find ourselves in a trough of economic afflictions from big business any more than we are bearing the burden from big union labor.

Scapegoats will find their way into our soon to be national election campaigns, some will blame Democrats, and some will blame Republicans.  We will hear about Tea Party Republicans and Acorn Democrats all will be shrouded with blame and shame.

Picking our new leaders based on their campaigns against a scapegoat will only provide us with a false sense of hope for the future.  A hope based on a scapegoat, a diversion from the truth yielding a false sense of security that our new leaders will be able to effectively lead.

While they may very well attack and limit the role of the scapegoat in our lives rarely does that have a truly meaningful impact on making our lives better.  It would be like blaming big oil companies for our economic problems and dependency on foreign oi, then regulating them to stop drilling and add punitive taxes until they cut back on jobs and explorations in our own country.  In the end our scapegoat is punished but we the people will have nothing more than a bragging politician crowing about reigning in the greedy barons of big oil.

Goats belong on the rural farms of America but scapegoats have no place in the halls of government or being used in political campaigns.


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