Don’t Blame Troopers, Don’t Blame Governor

Don’t blame Connecticut State Troopers for the layoffs within their ranks and don’t blame Gov.  Dannel Malloy.  The problem creating the need for lay-offs and trooper unrest is far more complex and deep within the roots of our State government.

The Connecticut State Troopers are men of honor trained to obey the law and they understand we as a society should operate under the rule of law.  That is what we expect of State Troopers and that is why we can not blame them for being upset at the recent round of layoffs.  They have a contract, they heard the promises of our legislators and they have read the law that requires a minimum employment level for our State police statewide.

One can argue that the contract resulted from unreasonable demands of the troopers but our elected leaders agreed to sign the contract and make those promises.  Our elected members of the General Assembly legalized the minimum number of State Police we should have employed.

One can argue it was poor judgment to pass legislation for such circumstances but you can not blame the Troopers for believing the law would be enforced.  We expect Troopers to enforce laws every day, can we blame them for demanding that the Governor obey the law and maintain a minimum number of Troopers.

Our legislators have pandered to State employee unions for years.  The Democratic majority has come to depend on the active support of those unions for their re-election campaigns.  Those same legislators have agreed to employment contracts that provide for State union workers in ways that are unheard of for the taxpayers paying the bill.  You can’t blame the Troopers for that, but you can blame the Democratic majority in the state legislature.

Candidate Dannel Malloy never spoke out against the contracts, and candidate Malloy enjoyed considerable support from State employee unions, should the unions now expect special deals or consideration?  The answer we all want to hear is of course not, but you cannot blame the unions for believing it would be that way.  Heck, that’s the way it has always worked before with candidates running for the legislature, why should this be different?

No, you cannot blame the Governor; he didn’t create the culture of the Democratic majority with their close ties to the Unions.  He didn’t make the rules but he should follow the rules and perhaps work for change to make those rules more in line with the real world we the taxpayers work in.  In the meantime don’t blame the Troopers.


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