Home Burglary How Safe Are We

Recently there has been a rising interest in the subject of home burglaries in Coventry within some discussion groups on Facebook.  Perhaps it is time to take a look at what is happening.

Coventry is not immune to crime, unfortunately some criminal behavior can be found in every community.  The question currently on our mind is really the concern for what may be a growing problem as it relates to home burglaries?

To give us a background we can look at some statistics that will provide us a basis of historical fact and to draw some conclusions. If we look at August historical information we find that home burglaries in Coventry are relatively constant.

2007        11

2008        6

2009        10

2010        7

2011        10

While we all would like to see zero it is also somewhat comforting to know that when a crime does occur it is investigated and action is taken.  The recent home burglaries are no exception and Coventry Police Chief Mark Palmer says, “We are making progress in solving some of these recent cases”.

Providing tips and cooperating with police is one of the best ways you can protect your home and neighborhood.  In the words of Chief Palmer, “We urge residents to call in anything suspicious and have the officers check it out.  This is one of the best ways to prevent burglaries or to apprehend the suspects when they occur”.

It can be expected that more burglaries occur during warmer months and also increase when a property is not occupied.  The best watch dog in any neighborhood are the people living there reporting things that seem out of the ordinary.  Stopping a crime before it happens or apprehending criminals in action is a sure way to deter future crime in your neighborhood.

There is an excellent source for information concerning home burglaries linked to the Coventry Police website.  It provides security tips for decreasing the attractiveness of your home to thieves and provides plenty of useful information.  To view this report you may follow this link http://tinyurl.com/3w56fpl

Coventry like any town has some crime but not every town has the response available that we have in Coventry.  We are fortunate to have the professional service and resources we do to address these issues.  It is one of the reasons people can feel Coventry is a safe, rural community to raise a family.

The Opining Quill salutes the Coventry Police for their professionalism and service to our Community.


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