Two Mothers, Two Memories, One Nation

Two mothers, two generations apart, two sunny mornings, one tragic memory, in an instant their lives would change forever and the nation would be shocked.  Two days that were suddenly etched into the minds of every American.

It has been only ten years since that sunny morning of 9-11 and yet the mere mention of the date brings a vision of the burning towers and tragedy that soon followed.  We remember classmates and friends that were lost on that sunny morning but the pain of memory is deeper for the mothers of those that were lost.

The grief and emotional scars of losing a child are always deep and a mother’s memory never fades for the loved one she has lost.  Today the mother’s with the most tragic memories of 9-11 will once again be reminded publically of their lose.  It will not be an easy day.  Their dreams were shattered, their memories are clear, they have not forgotten, but today will be harder than most.

Today there will be special ceremonies, today it will relived on every newscast, today they cannot escape the pain and television will bring it all back so vivid.  Today we as a nation will be once again be reminded of that sunny morning; we will each recall the moment we learned of the attack.  Many of us will recall times spent with those lost.

As a nation we responded to that day ten years ago with great patriotism, flags were flown across the nation, people gave more consideration to their neighbors and life slowed down for a period.  We were galvanized as a nation, we were one people, and we were all Americans.  We said, we would never forget those that died that day and today we will once again remember them.

That sunny day on 9-11 was a tragedy and for this generation it will be remembered, it will be remembered by the mothers, our nation has said it will never forget.  Memorials will be dedicated and time will pass.  New mothers will have to pass the memory of this day to future generations.  Will we remember that sunny morn and the totality of that day on our nation?

Remember the opening words above, “two mothers, two generations apart, two sunny mornings, one tragic memory”.  Today one of those mothers is no longer with us as her time on earth is gone.  Her son was only 19 on that peaceful sunny morning but she never forgot Dec. 7 1941.  She remembered how America was attacked, how it galvanized a nation.  She remembered the memorials, and her pain never went away.  She remembered when her great granddaughter heard her mention Dec. 7th and asked what was special about that day.  Our nation had forgotten.

Our children had not learned a lesson about a sunny morning and how the peaceful day was suddenly broken, dreams and lives gone forever.  She had not forgotten, her pain remained but time fades a nation’s memory.

Today is 9-11 and we will remember at least for now that day ten years ago.  In fifty years will this nation still remember?  Will the mothers of today pass on the memories to future generations?

Two mothers, two sunny mornings, two tragic events, as a nation we must remember.  We should never forget those shattered dreams and broken lives, we must pass those memories to the next generation.

Two mothers, two mornings, remember them today and pass the memory forward.


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