Jobs – Jobs – Jobs

Jobs is the number one buzz word in government today and the president spent an evening last week addressing a joint session of congress and the American people about his effort to create jobs.

The real question is one that Linda McMahon asked Dick Blumenthal during a debate while running for the United States Senate.  The question stumped Mr. Blumenthal and continues to stump Barack Obama today.  The question was this, “How do you create a job?”

It was a tough time for Mr. Blumenthal and based on the president’s proposal it would be a tough question for our president.  Since both men have spent their time pursuing life time careers as elected officials with a lack of experience in the real world of business we should not blame them for their lack of knowledge.

We elected them based on their judgment and experience to represent us in solving the problems in the economy.  We entrusted them to address the problem of job creation, a task that they would be expected to learn with some on the job training.

Now we listen to the President propose government funding for some jobs, and a repeat of the “shovel ready” solution he sold the American people on once before only this time he has dropped the reference to “shovel ready”.

The president’s proposal for a reduction in payroll taxes sounds more like a campaign speech than a true long-term job creation proposal.  Lower short-term tax relief will not create a permanent job beyond the next election.

The government is not our primary path to permanent job creation.  The campaign promise speech last week by the President filled with sound bites of appeal designed more for the creation of voting support than jobs creation was not the solution.

Linda McMahon was defeated in her bid for a seat in the United States Senate but during the debate when it came to job creation she had the right answer.  To create a job she said, “An entrepreneur takes a risk, he or she believes it creates a good or service that is sold for more than the cost to make it.  If an entrepreneur thinks they can do that it creates a job.”

Today we find ourselves mired in the mud of an economy bogged down with mandates and regulations that strangle job creation and economic expansion.  Too often we are looking at government for the solution only to find government to be the source of our problem.

Too often we have seen government turn to business not with the hand of support for economic growth but rather with their hand out to support growing government.  Hartford was once a vibrant city with an economic engine driven by insurance companies.

Those same companies became a feeding trough for government funding.  The companies reacted to stay in business, the jobs are gone, the city is a shell of what it once was and our leaders have not learned from history.

The same leadership that has come from the big cities now sits in Washington driving business investment and jobs out of America and blaming it on the victims of their actions, business.

If we want jobs we need to support our business community and their efforts for expansion and growth.  We need revisions to regulations, mandates and tax codes it may be a hard pill for some to swallow but it is the right medicine.


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