A Challenge For Charity

How many of us make charitable contributions and are concerned that 100% of the money is being used for the purpose for which it is intended?  How many of us would like to prosecute those that skim money off the top.  You know, the people that take some of the money to do other things, things they want to do.

Sometimes these people are pretty slippery; they talk like the snake oil salesman of old telling us about their good works then with the deception of a magician they slip away with some of our money.  Would it surprise you if it was a person you had trusted, trusted so much that you put the very future of your family in their hands?

How many of us watched last week as the President made a wonderful speech before the United States Congress.  He made all kinds of promises, and called for the immediate vote and passage on his new proposal.  Kind of like the way he went about the healthcare bill calling for a vote before the bill was completely written or read.

Many of our Connecticut delegation and yes even our dear Governor Dan Malloy issued words of support for the President.  Now we are learning more about the proposal, some things have leaked out.  If you supported the President last week are you still going to speak in favor of the bill?  Why the question you ask?

It seems the President wants to introduce some new taxes to support his new spending.  That’s not so bad you say, what he promised is worth it, really now is it?  Forty percent of tax deductible contributions will be impacted by the proposal.  Yes, your President is going to tax the very source of income for things like soup kitchens, hospitals and churches.

Oh, he may tell you it is a tax on the rich but it also a tax on a major source for charitable contributions.  Taking a little off the top in the name of taxes is like a charlatan skimming and scamming, but it sounds better when you call it taxing the rich.  Then in the same speech he says he doesn’t want to hear about class warfare, he just wants to “tax the rich”.

Make no mistake the Opining Quill expects no impact from taxes on the rich for the Opining Quill is not in that lofty economic position.  I do however believe in the good that comes from charity and tax deductible donations given to soup kitchens, hospitals and churches.  The very institutions that do the most good may have to do it with less in the future.

Now there is an obligation here to offer an alternative way to close a tax loop hole of the rich and another idea to help the needy.  I doubt I will hear from the President on this but I will put forth the idea anyway.

How’s this for an idea Mr. President?  Let’s eliminate the tax deductible regulation for political purpose donations, there one loop hole closed.  But wait there’s more.

We still need to increase charitable giving so next, in a show of support for those in need due to your economic policies we set up a matching fund.  For every dollar you spend trying to get re-elected you donate an equal amount to help out the unemployed that are paying the price with a lower quality of life due to your first term.  That could raise 500 million dollars.


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