Coventry Names New Superintendent of Schools

The Coventry Board of Education, after a nation-wide search has found a new Superintendent of Schools on their current staff. The Board of Education has voted unanimously to name David Petrone the current Nathan Hale Middle School Principal to be the next Superintendent.

Dave Petrone will fill the vacancy created with the retirement of Dr. Donna Bernard in August.  While Mr. Petrone will be the new Superintendent he is already a familiar face to the educational community in Coventry.

Over the last eleven years Mr. Petrone has served as an Assistant Principal and Principal within the Coventry school district.  Prior to his arrival in Coventry Dave was a teacher of Special Education and served as Principal of the Manchester Credit Diploma Program.

His past experience and proven abilities have been a valuable asset for Coventry.  When Dave was named to his current position he wrote, “In my many years as an educator, one truth has revealed itself over and over again: that open communication is critical for a successful relationship between student, parent and teacher.”  It is that type of philosophy and open communication that made Dave an attractive candidate for Superintendent.

There was no special consideration afforded Mr. Petrone during the search.  In the words of Board of Education member Mark Malcolm “after subjecting Dave to the same rigorous process that all other candidates completed, it was clear that he was the most well equipped individual to lead our district”.

While the selection process has covered many months the parents and taxpayers of Coventry should find some satisfaction and comfort in the words of Mark Malcolm “The process was a long one because we as a Board developed a comprehensive list of required credentials that we refused to waiver from.”   Malcolm continued, “We did not want to compromise when hiring the CEO of our district.  We wanted a sure thing.  In the end, the right guy was under our noses all along.”

In the past Mr. Petrone has set the bar of expectation high when he said, “I would like to express my belief that all students can succeed in school, given the right support and academic stimulation.”  This brings a level of responsibility and expectation to the table for those in the role of educators to expect and deliver success in our schools to every student.

It is anticipated that Mr. Petrone will actually begin his new position on January 1, 2012.  Like students on the first day of school he will start with a clean slate, dreams, expectations and challenges.

The Board of Education has given Mr. Petrone a vote of confidence and responsibility for educating future generations.  We wish him well and look forward to his guidance in providing educational opportunities for the children of Coventry.

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2 responses to “Coventry Names New Superintendent of Schools

  1. Once in the past you allowed me to reprint one of your articles on our Coventry site with the stipulation that it is attributed to Opining Quill and with a link to your site. I am assuming I can do so again, with the story about the new superintendent. Please let me know if this is OK with you. – Brenda, Editor (Coventry Today, etc.)

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