From Green Jobs To Red Ink

More “green jobs” are turning red as in a red alert you are becoming unemployed.  This not really a surprise it is merely economic reality in action.

Much of the “green jobs” and green economy is built on a foundation of false support.  Too often the basis upon which a “Green” company is formed and the business plan it relies on is dependent on government financial support or outside subsidy for the company to produce a profit.

When the grant money is no longer available or the subsidy is reduced the weakness of the original plan becomes all too apparent in the form of financial lose.  The real weakness is the judgment of management.  It has been said the only reason a business fails is due to management.  It can be a lack of vision, failure to adapt to change, or lack of preparation but in the end it all comes back to management.

When a presentation was made before the Coventry Town Council asking the Town to purchase higher priced “green energy” the question was asked if this increase was in fact a subsidy to offset what would otherwise be a none competitive company?  The answer was obvious, of course it was a subsidy provided by tax dollars to benefit a “green company”.

If the customers were not willing to pay extra the company could not compete.  Coventry did eventually decide to pay extra for some electricity to subsidize a “green energy company”.  Coventry is not unique; our tax dollars are being tossed all around to “green companies”.  We are told this expenditure of tax dollars will create jobs, somehow saving the environment, and provide a better future.

The reality is unless we continue to overpay, provide tax breaks, and pass out free money none of that will happen.  It is becoming very obvious even to the casual observer that expending taxpayer dollars in this fashion is a reckless non-productive long-term plan that only a fool would follow in these harsh economic times.  Continuing to build an economic future on a foundation of quicksand over fault and waiting for the earthquake to topple the structure is lunacy.

This thinking falls in line with national flood insurance providing funds to rebuild in a flood plain only to have the annual flood wash away the home and declare it a job creator when we pay to rebuild before next spring.

How long will Coventry set aside extra money for “green energy” and open space and refuse to provide for additional police, road repairs, and maintenance of our parks and play grounds?  How long will our infrastructure continue to crumble like the old town garage or the Merrow Road fire station while we subsidize “green energy”?

We may not be giving the money away directly like President Obama but we sure ought to be looking at our priorities.  In real estate they say value is about three things; location, location, location and in government spending it should be about priorities, priorities, priorities.

Our priorities are out of line.  We must begin to look at our needs more than our wants.



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