Voting To Spend “Gift” Money In Coventry

Yesterday in a letter to the editor found in the Journal Inquirer, Town Council Chairwoman Democrat Elizabeth Woolf expressed her opinion on the referendum question coming before the voters on October 18th.  She called it “No-Brainer Day”.

According to Ms. Woolf voters should support the measure because of the unsafe conditions of the bridge and the “miniscule cost to the taxpayer”.  That is purely her opinion but I am not sure that 2.4 million dollars is a “miniscule cost to the taxpayer”.

Make no mistake about it the bridge needs to be replaced and this is a referendum that should be supported.  The concern here is the lack of understanding of Chairwoman Woolf when it comes to taxpayer cost.

While she points out that the vast majority of the funds will come from federal funds just who does she think provides that money?  When she says, “it’s a no brainer and a gift we can’t afford to lose” where does she think this “gift” comes from?

Somebody has to tell her that grant money is taxpayer money it is not “a gift”.  That money was taken from hardworking men and woman taxpayers and if you are to believe the rhetoric of President Obama and Nancy Pelosi it did not come from the wealthy it came from the common worker.

Taxpayer money is not a gift to the government it is required by law and taken from the people.  Any amount of taxpayer money being spent by any politician should be respected no matter the amount.  What may be “miniscule” to some is food and healthcare to others.

Supporting a yes vote for the Pucker Street Bridge referendum is a wise call.  Calling taxpayer money a “gift” may be reason to say the remark was a “no-brainer”.


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