The Coventry Compromise – Rural Character Lost To Election Antics

Gateway To Election Antics

Coventry “the gateway to the Quiet Corner” a Town of significant rural charm and character.  It is autumn in New England when the landscape is alive with color and the charms of nature attract tourists to quiet New England villages.

Welcome to Coventry, you are now entering the “Quiet Corner” of Connecticut where our rich traditions of rural life are treasured and respected.  Coventry, where even the politicians appear before a political action committee to preserve open space and promise to preserve the natural beauty of our town.

Those promises of preservation made two weeks ago have already been broken and the childish rotation of political signs has begun.  It began in the State right-of –way as you enter town from the west along route 44.

First there was a red sign then like weeds in a garden they began to multiple, red and green signs sprang up almost overnight.  The antics of childish behavior were apparent as almost daily the signs were moved and rotated to block the opponent and to gain better visibility.

If these are the people that want to lead our town as elected officials it is time for them to show some maturity and respect for Coventry and our environment.  The overload of signage concentrated at the very gateway to Coventry is almost as appalling as their infantile game of sign rotation.

Signs should be located in appropriate locations and consideration should be given to the aesthetic impact they will have.  It is time to remove the plethora of signs on some of our corners and gateways.  It is time for the political party Chairman both Democrats and Republicans to agree to single signs at some locations that are now littered with multiple signs from both parties.

Yes political signs are a freedom of speech issue and we should all respect that right.  We should also be cognizant of the character of the candidates that will do anything to get elected including acting like children and destroying the rural character and beauty of Coventry in their quest for votes.  We can not restrict their rights but we can remember on Election Day.



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2 responses to “The Coventry Compromise – Rural Character Lost To Election Antics

  1. Anonymous

    I must agree. It is a comedy but one played out thurout our great Country.
    Let the players play.
    It is American as appel pie!

  2. Mark Malcolm

    Couldn’t agree more. I became frustrated as I watched this unfold on 44 over the past week plus. My frustration is more in the realization that our future leaders are foolish enough to think that childish sign position games will actually net some sort of result at the polls. These visionaries are going to make strategic decision on behalf of all of us!? Mercy.

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