Stunning Discovery Announced “Quite Corner” Brushed Aside

The agenda for action in the special session of General Assembly has been set and the long anticipated proposal called Reinventing Connecticut has been released.  This special session is supposedly being held to focus on jobs and making Connecticut more competitive.

The background information announced provides insight as too just how the proposal was constructed and where input was gained.  It seems between June 27th and October 3rd meetings were held with over 350 companies.  Do you feel left out; maybe you have good reason?


Only two of the meetings were held in the combined area of Windham and Tolland Counties.  The meetings were held at Dymotek in Ellington and at the Windham Chamber.  I don’t mind living in the “Quiet Corner” but I do mind when our input is silenced by a lack of opportunity when it comes to developing job opportunities.

According to the Governor’s press release here’s what they learned from their meetings:

  1. Small businesses need help and the regulatory environment is a hindrance to economic development.  (That was no surprise so let us move on)
  2. Entrepreneurs don’t believe they have the freedom to innovate (The burden of regulations has taken away some of our freedom in the minds of the entrepreneurs.)
  3. We need to do a better job of how we educate and train people to meet the needs of employers.  (Too many students in the job market can’t even count change or for that matter tell you what one half of 3/8 is of course we know it is 3/16)
  4. The last listed as what they learned is this, “It is often too difficult to do business in the State”.  (It took them over three months to make these discoveries! Are you kidding me?  Where have they been?  This stuff is common knowledge here in the “Quiet Corner”.)


This is not new information, or startling discoveries, this is basic.  This is the same information they heard when they were out campaigning last year.  You know, before they got elected and gave us the largest tax increase in State history.  They should have known people are hurting, businesses are closing, and jobs are being lost.

When our job market was tanking these very same politicians were too busy blaming greedy business owners, bashing political opponents with backgrounds in business and telling the voters to ignore the resumes and levels of experience.  Now they are making these announcements of economic discovery like they were Christopher Columbus discovering a new world of reality.

One thing for sure they do have something in common with Christopher Columbus, he was lost, didn’t know where he was going and had no idea where he was when he got there.  That pretty much describes the Malloy team when it comes to understanding business and job creation.  Now we must go through on the job training and hope that they get it right this time.

We did it in Washington when we elected a community organizer and allowed on the job training as President.  We have done it again here in Connecticut in our office of Governor.  Will we make the same mistake again next year?

When will we the voters get it right?  When will we elect a person of experience in job creation with an understanding of financial management to speak and act for us as an elected leader?  When will we stop listening to the mindless political rhetoric and look at a resume experience and achievement?



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2 responses to “Stunning Discovery Announced “Quite Corner” Brushed Aside

  1. Ken

    Let’s open more small businesses here in CT and bring back jobs to America.

  2. Ken you are on target here. Local support of local farms has expanded greatly over recent years. If we can now expand that buy local concept to small businesses we indeed will have stronger employment and greater community involvement from the business community. A bonus would be increased local tax revenue from expanding businesses.

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