Reinventing Connecticut Futuristic Thinking, Fairy Tale Or Folly

Ok yesterday we looked at the introduction of Governor Malloy’s plan to revitalize job opportunities in Connecticut.  To be fair, today we will look at another page in the plan.  Just for fun let’s take a look at page 8.

The title of the page is Workforce Development; I think we can all agree that is an area important to increase employment opportunities.  Let’s take a look at how they view the problem, first here’s what they say just as they wrote it:

Our state’s talent is one of our greatest strengths and we need to take action to ensure that continues.  Nothing is more frustrating than hearing from CEOs that they have jobs, but can’t find workers in Connecticut with the right skills.  We must do a better job of training and re-training our citizens for the 21st century economy and stop bemoaning the loss of the 20th century economy.

It seems they have identified a significant problem here but it is certainly not a new issue.  I hope they have a grand plan to address the needs of the CEOs looking for workers.  Scrolling down the page we find the solution in two parts.

The first is “Initiatives to Drive Workforce Development”.  This should tell us the direction they are headed.  Here’s what it says in Part I:

“Create task force to develop plan on how to improve states current training programs to meet current needs in manufacturing.  Also study barriers to utilizing volunteers to teach mfg evenings in community colleges and Vo-Tech schools.  Report due by 2/1/2012.

The problem has been around for more than 9 years and they are going to solve it within 90 days, this must be some talented committee.  Oh look it tells us who will be on the committee, this is getting exciting:

“Members: DECD, DOL, legislative appointments, minority firms, Higher Education/community colleges, vo-tech schools and labor representatives.”

Now that is an interesting committee I see special interest groups and labor but no management, aren’t they the ones doing the hiring?  Where are the CEOs mentioned above, you know the people that understand the problem best, where are they?  There’s got to be more.  What does the next bullet on the page say?

“Require Board of Ed’s to inform middle school students and parents of the availability of vo-techs and regional agricultural science and technology education centers”

Are these the same vo-tech schools that were in danger of closing under the initial budget proposal from the same Governor Malloy just this past spring?  Isn’t that when we had to tell the students that were in those schools that due to a proposed change in State funding their educational future was at risk?  I guess that is all fixed now with the large tax increase so we can ignore that risk for the immediate future and expand the student demand for programs.  Let’s move on to Part II.

Part II is a 20 million dollar capital investment for each of the next two years to establish or expand manufacturing programs into 3 community colleges and 3 vo-techs modeled after Asnuntuck?  Ok, so we currently have a program and we still have the problem so our solution is to model new programs after the old and spend $40,000,000 to do it.  Talk about an innovated solution.

Well there you have it.  We are at the bottom of page 8 there is nothing more to report.  You now know how we will fix the problem of workforce development.  The best advice from here is, if you are unemployed take some time to enroll in a music course now because in this fairy tale you will soon be singing Hi Ho, Hi Ho It’s Off To Work I Go.


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