A Spooky Halloween Thought Or Nuts Falling From Family Tree

State Representative Tim Larson of East Hartford, suggested that Connecticut separate from the rest of the nation when it comes to celebrating Halloween.  Yes, Mr. Larson wants to take his support for big government into the private lives of his constituents one more step telling them when it would be proper for children to celebrate Halloween.

Of course he did it the way that has always worked in the past by telling us, it’s for the children.  That’s the way it is suppose to be, little kids go out shortly after sunset to friendly neighbors seeking treats.  If, it is for the little children they should be back home between 7:00 and 8:00pm and late nights should not be a concern.

But that may not be all there is to this scary tale of Halloween shenanigans.  Just who is this Democratic State Representative Tim Larson?  Why he is none other than the brother of Democratic United States Representative from the 1st District here in Connecticut, John Larson.  So what you say, does it matter?

Consider this; Halloween is now the second largest holiday in sales generations.  What was once a children’s event is now a big ticket adult event.  Watch this weekend, check out the Connecticut bar scene and you will find Halloween parties, promotions and specials.  Would you think that changing Halloween to Saturday night would benefit the liquor lobby?  Of course it would you say, but what has that got to do with the Larson boys you ask?

Last month big brother John Larson held a fundraising event sponsored by the Distilled Spirits Council. That would be his friends in the liquor industry.  Top ticket price for the event was $5,000. Coincidence you say.  In 2010 he also hosted a Napa Valley wine tasting weekend at the swank Westin Verasa Napa hotel, not exactly in his district but within 3,000 miles. Top ticket price for the event was also $5,000.

To be fair these are not the only fundraisers for Representative Larson he has been known to charge $2,000 to play in a bocce tournament to raise money for his re-election committee.  I have played bocce with Representative Larson and I can tell you first hand I did not pay $2,000 and at that price it would have been lunacy.

Make no mistake the proposal from Tim Larson was not about getting children to bed early but it may have been about helping out his big brother and his financial backers.  I would say big brother John owes little Timmy a favor for taking the fall on this one.  This proposal came off as misguided, foolish and shallow but it could prove every family tree may have a few nuts to drop.


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  1. I don’t care why he proposed the idea. I like the idea because I’d be able to take my child out earlier without having to rush home from work and not worry about getting her to bed with a sugar high so I can work the next day.

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