Something Fishy In Coventry Today

The State Of Connecticut was in Town today but it had nothing to do with the need for power restoration, or any response to storm
Alfred.  No it was all about fish.

Today Coventry Lake received a shipment of young Walleye fish to provide fishing for years to come.

Make no mistake it will take some time before they grow large enough for the taking by those that enjoy fishing.  A member of the delivery team said about 1,500 fish were being released today, this number is down from years past for good reason.  It seems that the growth rate has been slower than anticipated in the past and it is thought that perhaps fewer fish will be able to grow faster.

Before the release a sample number of fish were measured to be sure they were within specifications and able to sustain growth in the lake.
(See photo above)  A small number of fish were released at the boat launch area but the vast majority of the fish were loaded into a small boat to be dispersed in other areas of the lake.


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