Coventry Election Message Part I

The Opining Quill offered free space to Coventry political candidates to get out their message with a commitment to post their message without edit or comment.  Today you have the message submitted from Mike Griswold tomorrow a message from Julie Blanchard will appear.  God willing electric service will be restored for the Opining Quill sometime over the weekend and regular postings will return Monday with a posting concerning the election.

My name is Mike Griswold, and I am running for Town Council. If you believe that Coventry could be better, vote for me. I have gone above and beyond what is expected from me in all of my volunteer activities in Town, and I have no intention of slowing down. I work hard at everything I do, I expect results, and I don’t quit until I get them. Otherwise, I would just be wasting my time, and time is a valuable commodity.

There will be many serious issues facing us in the next two years, most of them budgetary, and my unique background makes me a good person to address them. I have worked at Skungamaug River Golf Course for my entire adult life, and have had to adjust everything I do based on a failing economy. Our budgets are cut every year, and we have had to shrink our workforce considerably, yet we must maintain the same quality of playing conditions, because the competition for business is more intense than ever. I have accepted this, and “do more with less” has become my

I also have four daughters that are, or will be, going to school in Coventry. I travel on our streets extensively, I use our parks, ballfields and open spaces regularly, and am a very active boater on Coventry Lake, so I also understand that we have needs as well. Finding the balance between taxation, spending, and the services and improvements we require is of paramount importance to me. But I also believe that this is an effort that needs to be made by everyone. The only way that can happen is with much better communication and information exchange between the Town Council, Town Hall, and the citizens of Coventry. I will do whatever I can to make this happen.

To me, the Town Council, and Town Staff should act as a team, regardless of their politics. I am not a member of either party, and all that matters to me are good ideas, and sensible, responsible solutions. No single person can do everything themselves, and I try to live by this philosophy. When the Council becomes a working team, the communication and interaction with the people will become easier and more productive. Only then, can it be held to the highest level of accountability, which I would embrace willingly.

Finally, there is no substitute for good planning. My experience on the Planning and Zoning Commission has taught me that taking advantage of this poor economy to look ahead, will yield greater successes in the future. It is never wise to let things continue to deteriorate, to the point we must react to them without having the resources to do the job perfectly. Planning responsibly will eliminate the need to settle for what people are just willing to pay for. As Councilman, I will insist that issues be addressed before they become a problem, and that we prepare in advance for everything that is coming.


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