Coventry Election Message Part II

The Opining Quill offered free space to Coventry political candidates to get out their message with a commitment to post their message without edit or comment.  Today you have the message submitted from Julie Blanchard.

An open letter to the voters of Coventry
It has been my pleasure to serve you in the past as a member of the Board of Education, as the Chairwoman of the Town Council and as a current member of the Town Council.  One of the things that I have learned over my years of service is the importance of listening to you as members of our community and acting as your representative in Town Government.
Listening is important but if it falls on deaf ears little is accomplished.  That’s why when the community spoke out in favor of new tipper barrels over the old green bag system I worked together with Richard Williams until the vote against tipper barrels was overturned.  It is that kind of dedication, caring and action that demonstrates why I am again asking for your vote of support.  I want to serve my community as a voice for the people and not for party politics.
In these difficult economic times I bring a depth of knowledge from years of community service including membership on the Town Finance Committee.  I believe it is important that we not only plan for the future but we must maintain what we have to avoid costly replacements from poor maintenance.  While every community has some debt, we should lower that obligation while setting aside resources for capital expenditures.
I am proud of the fact that during my term as Chairwoman of the Town Council we were able to significantly increase educational funding, add an additional police office and still control our budget at a level acceptable to the community.  The safety of our community and the officers that serve is vital and that is why after reviewing the facts and careful consideration I am endorsing the addition of another police officer at this time.
As a community we must look forward at economic development and the need for commercial growth.  We must once again listen and act accordingly protecting what we have while providing new services and opportunities.
My voice and voting history in the past has always supported and promoted transparency in government.  In these difficult economic times it is especially important that municipal matters particularly budget information be available, open and honestly presented to all voters.
I am therefore asking for your support during the campaign and your vote on Election Day.  I promise if elected I will continue to serve you to the best of my ability because I care and believe I am your voice in local government.
Julie Blanchard
Candidate for Town Council

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