Coventry Voters Offered Ice Cream On Election Day

The Coventry election season for 2012 will be over tomorrow when voters cast their ballots in District One at the Robertson School
or in District Two at the Grammar School.  This election has been pretty much like vanilla ice cream, and the issues melted away like ice cream during a power outage.

The Democratic Party has for the most part presented their platform as being a review of what they have done and promised more of the same.  The Republican opposition has done little to establish any real issue, alternative or controversy.  If you attended or listened to the SOS Coventry Candidate Night it would be difficult to tell one party from the other.  Some would say it sounded like a room full of clones while others called it a room full of clowns.

The Opining Quill offered to post the message of any candidate without editing or comment, hoping that some would step forward with compelling reasons to support them.  It was no real surprise that only two stepped forward to offer the voters some insight into their positions as a candidate.  It is unfortunate that others did not want to communicate with as many voters as possible.  What do they fear; could it be transparency and truth?

So the alternative we have as voters is to read the party prepared mailers loaded with vague talking points, slanted to appeal to a base of support and absent of real insight into the individual candidates.  After the election we will hear those elected thank the voters and talk about what they learned on the campaign trail as they went door to door.  What have you as a voter learned about the candidates before this Election Day?  Have they been to your door?

If an election comparison is made to ice cream it would be nice to have a few different flavors available because we already have
some nuts available to go on top.  For now I guess we will have to settle for a choice between vanilla and more vanilla either way we get a mouthful of promises and a puddle of melted ice cream on Wednesday morning.


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