Coventry Election Results 2011

Town Council 7 elected

Democratic                                           Republican

970 Steve Hall*                                    828 Phyllis Chicoine

1108 Joan Lewis*                                898 Jeffery Shorts*

983 Lisa Thomas*                                960 Mike Griswold*

829Antonia Conti                               1035 Julie Blanchard*

992 Elizabeth Woolf*                           833 Catherine Root

Board of Education 7 elected

Democratic                                           Republican

984 Denise Ryan*                                 834 Mary Ann Emanuele

1005 Jennifer Beausoleil *                 896 William Oros*

951 Eugene Marchand*                       859 Todd Cancelliere*

947 Mary Kortmann *                          996 Mary Minor*

Assessment Appeals elected

Democrat         Robert McMahon 909*

Republican       Robert Kramer     900*

Zoning Board of Appeals 5 elected

Democratic                                           Republican

1140 Erik Williams*                             999 Thomas Pope

1164 William Riordan*                      1127 Raymond Chicoine*

1107 Charles Clapp*                           1167 John Henry*

Zoning Board of Appeals Alternates elected

Democratic                                           Republican

1249 Stephen Curtis *                           1223 Jacques Collard*

11191 Joram Echeles

* Indicates they were elected




2 responses to “Coventry Election Results 2011

  1. Thank you citizens of Coventry that voted for me, Julie A. Blanchard. It is my pleasure to serve. I hope to hear from people so that I can represent you well at the Council table.

  2. Jeff Shorts

    Thank you to all those that came out to vote yesterday. As I stated when campaigning, I plan to hold office hours more than likely on Thursday nights at the Town Hall so that the citizens can express the concerns, likes or any dicussion items. Thank you again for allowing me to serve you.

    Jeff Shorts

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