Kudos For Mr.Williams And Shame On Candidates

Saturday evening after a week without electricity many residents of Coventry took advantage of the opportunity to have a hot meal offered free at the high school.  The Town of Coventry and the Board of Education sponsored the event.

It was fully appropriate for current members of the Town Council and the Board of Education to act as hosts meeting members of the community as they entered.  It was a shameful display of personal opportunism to see candidates for election in the receiving line.  They are not members of either sponsoring organization they were merely using the opportunity created by hardship to promote their own election bid.

Since the sponsorship was from taxpayer funded organizations one can easily draw the conclusion that Joan Lewis and company were taking advantage of a taxpayer funded event for their own self-interests.  Once elected let us hope that this will not become the norm here in Coventry.

This dinner was, on the surface a thoughtful and wonderful gesture and I would like to believe it was done with true concern.  The evidence would make that hard to believe.  It was no accident or coincidence that those promoting the dinner the most on FaceBook were also highly visible politicos leading one to believe it was an attempt to attract those in need to attend to meet their candidates for office; to believe otherwise would be naive.  The current leadership of the Board of Education and Town Council should have acted with discretion and a sense of ethics to prevent what should have been a generous community event from being turned into a political promotion for candidates.

The meal was wonderful and tasty.  The introduction of politics was tasteless.

One current Town Council member, Mr. Richard Williams did not use the event for personal promotion instead he donated the loaves of bread given to those attending without making his donation a matter of public general knowledge.  Mr. Williams is not running for election but his donation is typical of his commitment to Coventry.  He has a history of doing what he thinks is best for the citizens of Coventry and not what is necessarily best for his political future.

If the disclosure of his donation has crossed a line the Opining Quill apologizes here and now but the contrast between Mr. Williams and other Coventry politicians was extraordinary and should be noted.  Thank you Mr. Williams for your service and commitment to the people of Coventry, you always put the interest of the people before politics or party.  You have earned the admiration of your neighbors and deservingly so, for you have served your community well.


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