The Value Of This Day For Children And Veterans

Our memory of events can be fleeting or forever embedded in our mind, for most local residents the recent loss of electric power will be long remembered.  No internet, no television, no water, no heat, no showers and flushing toilets required water, life was tough.

Many people complained, there was outrage, oh the inconvenience; but something was missing there were no concussions, there were no bullets intended to kill us, heck we could even go to a warm shelter and get meals.  We were lucky we were home, safe with family and when the power came back on life was back to normal we will have no long term mental of physical scars.

When men and women of our military are engaged in the defense of our country it is not something they will be forget; gruesome memories of suffering, carnage and death will forever be their burden.  They will spend many days without power, many days under hostile fire, many days away from family but you will not hear outrage, and whining.   No these men and women are serving their country; if they return alive they will be “our veterans”.  They missed time with family, births, deaths, and weddings but they served with honor.

Today is set aside to remember and honor those veterans.  There is no treasure more important than time with family and this is a day when children can have a day off school to share with a veteran.  It’s not about the kids this time it is all about the veterans, fathers, uncles, aunts or grandpas.  Veteran’s Day is a time we can give them back a day to share with family in return for a day they lay in the mud away from their family dodging bullets for us.  It is time set aside for them to have and share with the next generation and a day when all of us should set an example by showing honor to those that have served.

The most powerful teaching a child ever receives is the real life experience they live.  It is our responsibility as parents to provide them with an understanding and example of what it means to honor our veterans. Our children must learn why we bestow the honor of this day to those that served.  Veteran’s Day is so important that we have set aside this day for a life lesson outside school, a day that means so much more than a day in school set aside for a class trip to see a play or visit a park.

Making up a day of school it trivial compared to making up for the time lost by a veteran away from home in hostile territory with their life on the line to protect our way of life and defend our nation.  Veteran’s Day is a small honor for great service.  Learning to honor and respect the service of our veterans  is a life lesson worth teaching to the next generation.

Pictures provided on this page were taken at Veterans Memorial Park in Coventry, CT


For more from the Opining Quill about the history of Veteran’s Day click on this link


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One response to “The Value Of This Day For Children And Veterans

  1. Norman Waite

    God bless our men and women who fight bravely, risk everything and provide for our society its’ very survival.

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