Board Of Education Problem Is It Apathy, Neglect Or Ego?

Wasting resources, and squandering opportunities is poor planning for anyone, it is egregious when it happens with taxpayer dollars at the Board of Education.  Far too often we hear about a shortage of funding and missed opportunities, often budgets are rejected and the blame game starts.  We soon hear the refrain there was a lack of information and people just didn’t understand the facts.

Due to the consistent efforts of past Board of Education member John Barrett overcoming the objections and stonewalling of his opposition we now have most Board of Education meetings broadcast live.  That is a vast improvement in allowing voters and parents some insight into what actually happens at meetings.  But, that is not the end of the story.

Coventry is fortunate to have public access television available for the Board of Education to get out more facts, provide students with more opportunities and give the community a better view and understanding of our educational system.  You may also conclude the programming provided is a reflection on the Board of Education and their judgment as to what is worthwhile information to provide for our community.  So let’s take a look at what they do, shall we?

If we turn on local television to channel 17 there we have it more reruns than TVLAND with Mash, Dick Van Dyke and Andy Griffith.  Daily we get a steady diet of the June 2011 Coventry High School Graduation Ceremony, an old meeting with Dr. Bernard (Remember her, she was the Superintendent that announced her retirement a year ago) and let us not forget the ever popular Meet The Candidates Forum.  Yes the election is over and has been since November but maybe some people just like to see themselves on television every day.  (Is that an ego thing or just neglect?) Finally there it is a picture of a Turkey with a message to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving.  (Don’t you just ask yourself who is the Turkey running that message in January?)

Do you suppose students could gain access to show some of the sports events, extra curricula activities, maybe even the seasonal band concerts would have been a nice idea.  How about promoting a school play with a brief scene, would showing some artwork be so bad, or how about our auditor’s presentation for the annual audit?

Mr. Barrett is gone but his voice was always there for the community and the students, he will be missed at times like this, let us all hope that a new voice will be heard.  Let us challenge the Board to take another look at the offerings on channel 17.  This is an opportunity for new Board members to speak up, demand change and better serve the community and students of Coventry.

Let’s not squander our resources with reruns of political candidates until the next election rather let us provide students with opportunity and the community with information.  The Board of Education should do better than reruns and Thanksgiving messages in January.


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