Then and Now Our President Speaks

Tonight we were given an opportunity to hear the state of our union from the perspective of our President.  It was not the first time he has addressed the nation on the subject he has warmed up his teleprompter before but this time the words were different.

In the past we were told he had a plan to solve the economic ills of our nation.  He was going to rebuild America funding shovel ready jobs and providing employment for millions and thereby stimulate the economy.  Our hopes were to rest on bailing out the auto industry and creating jobs while building cars that would bring America to the next generation of transportation.  Yes it was going to be a spark of ingenuity to ignite an economic engine forward.

Tonight the President said he believed government should be limited in size to only provide to the people things they could not do for themselves.  Apparently he thinks the American people are nearly helpless as he has now told us what light bulbs to buy.  He provides breakfast, lunch and dinner with tax dollars for the same folks that are also provided food subsidies.

Tonight he proposed another new agency to protect homebuyers that are unable, to read and understand the documents they are signing when buying a home.  Apparently the legal professionals we call attorneys are collecting fees to protect buyers but are not doing the job so it will be Barack to the rescue with another new agency.  Oh you will still need the illiterate attorney to sit and hold your hand but Barack will have his back and protect you.

Remember the automobile bailout that was to ignite the economy, well we have the car it’s called a Volt and it does in fact ignite.  Unfortunately the ignition seems to be in your garage in the dead of night.  Remember when the bailouts occurred GM became known as “government motors” so we now have the Volt an automobile designed as a government project and we wonder why it doesn’t work?

Does anyone remember shovel ready jobs creating opportunities across America solving the unemployment crisis? If you don’t remember fear not you are not alone.  Tonight we saw the first shovel ready job our President told us about in the past.  Tonight Barack did his job shoveling from the start to the finish with a laundry list of spending and promises and then told us he believes in limited government.

Tonight he told us what he wants.  He wants to change our schools, he wants to open new agencies, and he wants another four years to continue changing America.  He said tonight he wants to see some nation building here at home with money saved from the military budget.   Building America is something we should all support.

We, as a nation have supported nation building in foreign lands like Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan and in all cases the first step was a change in leadership.  To be in agreement with our President we should begin our nation building here at home the same way that has been so successful in our foreign policy we should change leadership.


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