Innocent Man Carries Burden Of False Witness

I like many others have been duped by the media coverage in the past.  Like many Americans I remember Newt Gingrich being guilty, guilty of what appeared to be ethic violations and an IRS entanglement that cost him his position as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Now I must admit I watch more news on broadcast media than I do on cable television such as CNN.  Yes I remember the news media coverage of the evil Mr. Gingrich back in the 1990’s.  What I don’t remember was the CNN coverage of his exoneration of wrongdoing.  Yes they covered it and they aired reports but the mainstream broadcast media ignored the story.  No the mainstream media just let the image and character destruction of Mr. Gingrich stand forever etched in the mind of the public.

It may be hard to admit you were wrong, you made a mistake and you falsely accused an innocent individual.  Failing to apologize, failing to clear the air and worse yet continuing to misrepresent the facts of the case is reprehensible.  Unfortunately an apology is below the character of our media moguls and Mr. Gingrich’s political opposition.  The politics of personal destruction at any level is abhorrent, but it is real and it exists today.  Attacking the ideas and beliefs of your political opposition can be and should be supported with rational thought supporting your reasons for disagreement.  Too often we slay the messenger and ignore the message.

The Opining Quill is not endorsing Mr. Gingrich as a candidate for president or for that matter any other person Republican or Democrat at this time.  No at this time we have all heard about “fairness” from both parties and it is time to treat all candidates fairly when it comes to the person.  We can all disagree with a candidate and still maintain a level of respect for them as person, and civility within our discourse.

Below is a link that includes the CNN report on Mr. Gingrich along with background on the ethic charges and the outcome so often mentioned as a shadow in his past.  If you believe in our judicial system, if you believe that a man is innocent until proven guilty then you may just find the guilty party was not Mr. Gingrich but rather the media and his political opponents out to slay the messenger in their personal destruction of an innocent man.

The article:

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