Military Tactics In Domestic Politics, Our Nation At Risk

Search and destroy, once considered a valid military tactic has been adopted for domestic political campaigns and like war the results are not pretty.  The destruction and harm not only damages and sometimes destroys the opponent but wreaks havoc on our view of government and public service.

If the administration of President Kennedy often called “The Camelot White House” had to withstand the scrutiny, investigation and analysis that we have today there would be no mention of Camelot.  Twitter, Facebook and emails would instead be awash with rumors, reports and speculation of bimbos at the bordello known as 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Today seeking out any negative morsel for sound bite fodder on your political opponent is an industry complete with “spin doctors” to twist every syllable, every word into a gaffe of political correctness or distortion of the facts.  No our political campaigns are not pretty they are destructive.

Campaigns of personal destruction are not new; they have been around as long as politics.  The difference today is the instant and wide distribution of information, rumor and allegation.  Today the character of an individual can be destroyed within minutes, the platform of a party can be twisted into fragments of fiction and the result is a more divided nation polarized by an overload of input fostered from divisive campaigns of search and destroy.

Today we are not vetting candidates we are destroying our institution of government, we are driving away qualified leaders.  We are creating a disdain and distrust for anyone bold enough and brave enough to serve as an elected official.

Today we see vast fortunes spent on campaigns to produce negativity and equal amounts to counter that production.  Too often we as a nation of free people, each with the equal power of one vote are hoodwinked, conned, deceived, and deluded into casting our vote for those that survive the cannibalism we call “vetting a candidate”.

It is time for each of us to take our responsibility as a voter seriously.  It’s time to ignore the pendants, the polls and the sound bites.  Now is the time to actually listen to the candidates themselves, and when provided the opportunity to meet or see a candidate, we should do it!  You may be stunned at what you see and hear, but you will not be a victim of flashy marketing.

This year make your one vote count supporting the candidate that can represent you best.   Don’t let search and destroy, or big money marketing campaigns be your guide.  Your vote is your voice and the future of your nation is in your hands, now is your time to make a difference.


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