War Is Not A Parlor Game

As a nation we have become war weary.  It is not our troops that are tired they continue to stand strong in our defense.  It is our nation that has tired and lost focus.  History is a great teacher and yet we seem doomed to repeat our mistakes in foreign policy and war.

We as a nation have become so consumed with political correctness that we have lost our focus on the task at hand.  War is not a parlor game, the stakes are high and the cost is dear.  We sacrifice our sons and daughters with constraints of artificial rules honored by a single side.

The lessons of Vietnam were costly.  We fought with constraints and political interference.  We prolonged a war and paid a heavy price, the loss of sons and daughters.  We should have learned a lesson.

In Vietnam we ignored a prime lesson from World War I that was taught again in World War II.  Those wars were fought with one objective, to win.  Our nation was fully committed, we did not equivocate, we did not placate, and we were not constrained.  There was no bluffing at the table, we declared war and we were all in.

Those generations of fighting men and women were not inhibited by political interference and political correctness.  They were given an objective; they did the job and came home.  In four focused years of combat they destroyed our enemies, but that’s what war is.  War is not a parlor game, war is death and destruction.

As a nation we can debate the validity of entering any armed conflict.  That is our right.  Once the President makes the decision we must apply our lessons of the past.  We cannot constrain our troops; we cannot allow politics to control our troops.  Our commanders must be allowed to do their job and focus our full power and commitment to the defeat of our enemies and returning home.

Today we hear the rhetoric of yet another armed conflict in the Middle East.  The world ponders another nation arming with nuclear weapons.  A nation openly committed to the elimination of their neighbors.  We are told this can not stand.

Our own military is stretched thin from years of war prolonged by politicians and political interference.  We have forgotten lessons from Vietnam, we have forgotten lessons from World Wars but we must never forget the price we pay.  We must never again prolong the loss of life in favor of political correctness and political considerations.  We must be totally committed.

America must stand for peace but if war must come let it be fought with fury, let it end in victory and may our troops come home.  War is not a parlor game.


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