Taxes and Rose Colored Glasses

Would the average working man and woman support a tax increase in Connecticut?  They would if they had on a pair of glasses with rose lenses.  So who wears those lenses you ask?  State workers, and for them looking at the world through rose colored glasses is not new.  They bought and paid for the view and now enjoy the fruits of their efforts.

For years it is no secret public service employee unions have contributed tons of money to (some would say buy) Democratic State Legislators’ looking for their support.  The unions have refined the image of their members to be perceived as hard working average folks just eeking out a living, making ends meet by working hard.  Make no mistake some have a tough job and some we have seen or come in contact with seem to have it pretty cushy.

State employee unions supported Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy’s largest tax increase in the State’s history.  Can it be they are so dedicated and loyal that they are willing to give up what little they make to expand the size of government?

By now you may be wondering how much do they make?  Are they really like the average hard working taxpayers of Connecticut struggling to come up with more money to pay ever higher taxes?  Taxes that are added to nearly every item we need or buy and in some cases like gasoline are even taxed twice.

The average amount paid to a state employee last year was $74,239 in salaries, wages and benefits. Is that an average pay here in Conn?  According to the Connecticut Department of Labor using the most recent figures available the annual wage for Cheshire was $52,305 and the annual wage in Coventry was $33,692.  Now that puts things in perspective doesn’t it?  Thirty seven percent (37%) of state workers made more than $100,000 last year.  Are you kidding me that is more than 1/3rd of the total workers?

We have prisons where we lock up the crooks and criminals at least that is what we were taught.  So let’s take a look at that department.  It is interesting what we find, the average compensation package for employees in the Department of Corrections last year was $109,279 with 2/3 making at least $100,000.  That may seem high but maybe not, everything must be put into perspective.  So let us take a look the Department of Mental Health and Addiction for a comparison.

The percentage at DMHA of people making over $100,000 is also about 2/3 so it seems to be in line with the Department of Corrections except that the average here is $120,212.   We better take a look at a third department just to be fair.  Over at the Judicial Department the average compensation package was $98,658 with nearly half (47%) of the employees receiving more than $100,000.

Yes your economic future is secure, and your view of the world is rosie when you work for the State.  All the money you spent on supporting politicians has paid off.  So now who is really running the State is it the voters, the elected politicians or the union bosses?  We leave that an open question?

The view of our economic climate for some is so good that with rose colored lenses we are even considering raising local taxes.  The problem is rose colored lenses are sometimes so dark as to hide the real world and the hardships that exist.  The only solution for a voter looking at the real world is to change your glasses or change the way you vote.


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