Coventry Remembers Donald Scussel

On Thursday March 29th Coventry lost a treasured public servant with the passing of Donald A. Scussel.  Mr. Scussel had served the citizens of Coventry as a volunteer in many capacities with positions on the South Coventry Water Co., the Economic Development Commission, the Board of Education and the Town Council.

Don’s contribution in his public service was enhanced by his wisdom and knowledge from a lifetime of experience.  A life full of interaction with people produced a successful career in Life Insurance, his business acumen was proven as an entrepreneur in the book business and his success was reflected in his acquisition and management of properties in the field of real estate.

Coventry will miss his analysis, opinion and contributions to our community.  In his most recent elected office Don served on the Town Council where his knowledge, memory and opinions concerning past budgets and affairs of the Town were considered valuable assets by those that served with him.  When Don spoke on an issue be it in confidence or in public you always knew what you heard was straight talk from the heart, honest and direct.  You could agree or disagree with Don but you always admired his passion, honesty and commitment to what he believed, he was a man of character.

It was the strength of the man and his character that shown brightly, always standing for what he felt was best for the community even if it was not the most popular or easy road.  His guidance and wise council was treasured by those that served with him.  His ability to convey an issue in simple terms and often with humor was always a moment to cherish and cause for reflection of your position.

Yes, Don Scussel was a volunteer, a public servant and a friend to his community but more important he was a man of compassion and character committed to public service.  Don will be missed but he will not be forgotten he will be remembered as a treasured memory by all that knew him.

Coventry holds a debt of gratitude to his family for sharing Don’s time with us and allowing him to serve his community so well.  His contributions to Coventry made us a better community.

A memorial service celebrating Don’s life will be held at the Coventry-Pietras Funeral Home on Monday, April 2, at 10 a.m. with a funeral home service at 11 a.m. followed by burial at the Nathan Hale Cemetery in Coventry.


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