Planning And Planting For April Showers Plus An Annual Sale

Get out your calendar and circle the date of April 12 then set aside the evening starting at 7pm for some time in planning to beautify your yard, protect your environment and safeguard the water you consume.  Now that sounds like a big project but in reality it can be a relatively easy and fun time.  The key to getting it done is learning what to do and how to do it.

The Coventry Garden Club has the answer, they have arranged to make it easy to learn with an expert in the field speaking at an open meeting with the community invited to attend.  Coventry is indeed lucky to have this opportunity to hear Karen Filchak, Senior Cooperative Extension Educator from the University of Connecticut College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.  Karen will be discussing rain gardens as part of healthy landscaping.

So what is a rain garden? Why should I consider a rain garden?  These are two common questions and here is a partial answer.

Rain gardens collect water runoff from a roof, driveway or yard and allow it to infiltrate into the ground.  The runoff collectively has been cited by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as a major source of pollution to our nation’s waterways.  If we all do our part we can protect the water of Coventry Lake as well as Long Island Sound.


Rain gardens are not only functional they can enhance the beauty of your yard and neighborhood.  In one evening you can learn about sizing your garden, soil suitability, placement, plantings, and installation.  You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and hear answers about common concerns.

One basic question that is always on our minds is the cost of any project and the good news is rain gardens are no more costly than other plantings you may already have or may be considering.  Most of the plants you’ll want can be purchased at local nurseries and once established a rain garden is maintained just like any other plants in your yard.

The Coventry Garden Club is the same organization that designs, plants, and maintains the gardens on the Town Green across from Highland Park.  Their meetings are open to the public and new members are always welcome. You need not be a member to come hear and learn about the rain gardens you only need to come to the Presbyterian Church of Coventry at 55 Trowbridge Road on Thursday April 12th at 7:00pm.  The event is free.

Just a reminder to mark your calendar for May 12th the Coventry Garden Club’s annual plant sale the Saturday before Mother’s Day and a great time to pick up your garden needs or gifts.  Proceeds from this sale fund a scholarship that is offered through the Coventry Scholarship Foundation to a graduating high school senior residing in the town who plans to pursue secondary education in horticultural studies or related fields.


The selection at the sale will include hanging plants, perennials and annuals supplied by Cropley’s Garden Center and Landscape as well as perennials from members’ gardens, tried-and-true plants, guaranteed to do well in this area.  Supporting their sale is a great way to say thank you to some fine folks that help bring nature’s beauty to our Town Green.


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