Black Eyed Peas And Republican Choice

Today began with a brilliant sunrise, the harbinger of something new on the horizon.  The bright light of day was shining upon Connecticut and a radio blared out music of Black Eyed Peas.  The words have special meaning today:

I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good night

The symbolism is too strong to ignore.  There is a new day and the dawning of a new era coming to Connecticut, the rise of the Republican Party.  The time is now for a new beginning, a new voice and new messenger to be heard.  Tonight the tinderbox of grassroots will be opened to a new spark of excitement and opportunity.  Yes, tonight’s gonna be a good night, tonight is going to be the first Republican debate featuring the candidates for the United States Senate.

The last Senatorial campaign in Connecticut featured a bonfire of money burned to a pile of ash and defeat for the Republican Party.  History is a great teacher; history can repeat itself or bring lessons of wisdom, opportunity and ultimately positive change.  Tonight’s going to be a defining moment in the future of the Connecticut Republican Party.

Tonight can be a glorious sunrise with the raising of a new voice or the day can end like any other as the Republican Party fades in the sunset and walks down the path of the past.  The debate will offer party faithful a choice of candidates offering a walk on the path of the past or climbing the mountain of opportunity with a hike to the summit.

Chris Shays and Linda McMahon are clearly the well-known path walkers of the past and have strong support in the land of steady habits.  The problem with steady habits is the self-destruction that can occur but that is the risk of alcohol and drugs.

There is one new Republican candidate for the U. S. Senate that supporters say can lead the Republican Party to the summit.  He is a conservative voice, a messenger with a massage for our small towns and urban cities.  He is the man they say can, like the Phoenix, bring the Republican Party from the ashes of defeat to victory at the polls.  He is Brian K. Hill.

Yes, tonight’s gonna be a good night and you can only watch the action live on the net at 7:00pm using this link:

The debate may be seen live at Kelly Middle School on Mahan Drive in Norwich


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