Forgotten Mothers To Remember

Today is Mother’s Day, a day traditionally set aside to honor your mother.  There are postings across the social networks today about the wonderful woman called mother.   There are ample accolades and adjectives for the love, compassion and memories that she has brought to her children’s world.

Today is the day that if tradition continues more long distance phone calls will be made than any other Sunday of the year.  Today is the day when the children call home and express their love, for some it is easy, for others showing emotion has never been easy.

In some homes the phone will not ring today.  It will be another day of heartache and hurtful memories.  Some mothers have lost a child by accident or act of war for them memories never fade and today is the day they feel the pain of loss a little bit more than other days.

There is your neighbor that hopes to hear the phone ring as she sits in silence today forgotten by her children.  It is her day too and no one calls to say, I love you.  She will suffer her emotional pain in silence and shame as the world around her celebrates motherhood.  She knows the pain of childbirth, the joy of her child’s face on Christmas morning and the dreams her little ones had for the future.  Her memory of them is not forgotten and her pain will not disappear.  She is a mother in silence waiting for the phone to ring on Mother’s Day.

Today as the sun sets and your time of celebrations come to an end reflect on the joy of this day for you.  As a child you have had an opportunity to share some time, memories and emotions with or about the woman that nurtured you and influenced your life.  If you are a mother blessed in memories and love today, reflect on that for it is the most valuable asset you have, it is the one thing that can never be taken away.

Take a moment at end of today to think of the other Mothers of the world today that suffered in silence and remember them in your prayers.   Your prayer may be the only way they are remembered today.


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