Governor’s Award Presented To Coventry

This Monday at 10:00am the Coventry Volunteer Fire Association will honored at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.  The Association will be presented with the Governor’s Award at the Connecticut EMS Awards.

This Governor’s Award was established to recognize and commend an EMS Organization, whether career or volunteer in structure, that has enhanced the understanding and support of the EMS System through their public service, community education and contributions to a city, town, region or the state as a whole.  The Award is a reflection of community service as judged in the areas of EMS leadership and community education or involvement.

EMS leadership is measured in many ways.  Coventry’s leadership qualities, integrity, and guidance within local, regional, or state EMS organizations and their efforts to promote education, guidance, management, and coaching lead to the award.   CVFA actively participates in special events to promote EMS within the community and schools.

CVFA provides public education via community involvement though community training programs and health screenings.  The organization is often involved in community events to assist and raise the awareness of the Emergency Medical Services.

Awards presented during EMS week were established in 1983.  No record could be found for a previous Governor Award winner from eastern Connecticut. In the past the Governor’s Award has been presented to:

Westport Volunteer Emergency Medical Services in 2006

Stratford Emergency Medical Services in 2007

Oxford Ambulance Service in 2009

A tip of the quill salute to the Coventry Volunteer Fire Association is certainly in order here for their outstanding efforts in serving our community.  Their continued dedication is an asset to their community and provides a better quality of life for all their neighbors.  Volunteerism is an important part of any community and a vital part of small town life.

Join the Opining Quill in saluting the Coventry Volunteer Fire Association by adding your comments below.




2 responses to “Governor’s Award Presented To Coventry

  1. Can someone please update this as to who received the awards! Thank you.

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