Are We Nuts Or Just A Little Off The Rocker?

Life is good when you have cash to just toss around and spend freely, even better when it is other people’s money.  Does it get any better than that?  Yes it does when you are paid to do it and still receive top shelf benefits.  No wonder so many people are running for congress.

Democrats and Republicans have been running hard campaigns to gain party endorsements and the fight is not over.  The primary season now begins when the voters will yet again endure the campaign rhetoric, sound bites and intrusive advertising.

Common people are now our candidates fighting for the chance to become the next person to head for Washington as your designated shopper, ready to toss your dollars in all directions.  Intoxicated with power our current representatives have doled out our cash at an alarming rate. Ponder this for a moment.

On March 2nd last year the President signed a “spending deal” which actually was a default agreement since congress could not or would not do what they were elected to do, that is pass a budget.  Instead they passed a continuing resolution to spend more money and closed their eyes to the fact they didn’t have it to spend.

That’s right, you got it, they just spent your money without regard as to how we the taxpayers are ever going to pay for their intoxicating bender.  The Connecticut delegation chants the mantra, tax the rich and let the good times roll.  That’s right they see no harm in spending as long as it delivers on promises to special interests.  Wisdom, frugality and constraint have no place in the offices of Connecticut representatives in Washington.

When signed the spending resolution activated on March 4th 201.  Since that time, based on current census bureau figures your household has increased your obligation for federal debt by $12,900.  In just over a year your Congress has spent a ton of money they didn’t have but you now owe, because they like spending more than they like balanced budgets.

Pay it now or pay it later but make no mistake at some point, somehow, you will pay for their reckless spending spree.  Do you feel good about your financial future and the financial future of your children?  Has this past year seen your vision for the future brighten as Washington insiders spent your money?  Do you feel better knowing the average household owes an extra $12,900 more this year than last?  Did you get a good bang for your buck; was it spent wisely or just tossed out the window and carried by the wind to some special interest group?

If we do it all again this year and double down on our debt are we nuts or just a little off the rocker?  Promises, Promises was a great Broadway musical but a poor plan tool for government spending.  This is the year we must decide if it is ok for the government to just go nuts and spend, spend, spend.  The direction seems clear.

Spending our way to prosperity is nuts and voting for those that do begs the question:  Are we off our rocker?


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