A Walk To Remember The Reason For Memorial Day

There is a certain solitude and air of reverence as you walk slowly around Veteran’s Memorial Green in Coventry, CT.  Once a military training ground for the colonial militia it is today a designated site set aside in memory of those that have served and sacrificed in service to our nation.

Engraved granite, brass on stone and military hardware dot the landscape, each placed in dedication to a memory of past sacrifice.  Trees shade the walkway and in autumn drop their leaves over memories of fallen patriots.

There are memorials for local fallen heroes and foreign troops that gave their lives in our struggle to be free.  Some honor those from wars of long ago and some from recent memory.  Too many bear the names of those that died before they had a chance to live a life of dreams and memories.

This weekend we will honor all of those that served our nation and never returned.  Flags will be waved, speeches will be given and marchers will parade to preserve a tradition and pass on to the next generation an understanding of sacrifice

Below is a pictorial visit to Veteran’s Memorial Park in Coventry.


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