Small Town America Coventry, USA Celebrates Memorial Day

If you missed the Memorial Day Parade and ceremony on our Veteran’s Memorial Green you missed something special.  Yesterday was a slice of life in small town America, when a community joins together, old and young, rich and poor together as one, to honor and remember fallen soldiers that sacrificed their lives for this nation.

If you missed the gathering on the Green you missed something we can all be proud of as citizens of Coventry.  The annual parade stopped and participants gathered on the Green to remember and honor not only the men and woman memorialized on the Green but all that did not return from battle to enjoy the freedoms they so deserved.

There on the Green the next generation was given priority, standing front and center to hear the speeches, listening to an invocation and a benediction, and see gold star mother’s honored.  The torch of tradition was being passed from one generation to the next to assure in the Town of Coventry a memory of sacrifice will never be forgotten.

The ceremony was not long but it was dignified, solemn and the words of keynote speaker Representative Tim Ackert were a message for every generation.  In the end the playing of an echoing two bugle Taps was a poignant moment of reverence and remembrance for reflection on the meaning of Memorial Day.

Below is a random pictorial from the ceremony on Veteran’s Memorial Green as well as from the Memorial Day Parade in Coventry CT.

Thank you to the American Legion and parade organizers for a job well done to remember and pass on the traditions of Memorial Day in America.


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