Shovels Essential For Watching Television

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs have become the chant of politicians, but chants don’t solve problems and shallow sound bites are not the solution.  Carefully instituted economic policy based on the needs of our economy and not on political posturing is what we need.

Too often buzz words and sound bites are the seeds of poor government and wasteful spending.  It was not that long ago we heard of shovel ready projects that were going to be funded and provide jobs and kick start our economy.  Unfortunately, the shoveling we got was more comparable to stall mucking the remainder of political rhetoric than productive construction.

Now we are being bombarded with more hot air, misdirection and personal attacks than real discussion of policy and proposed solutions.  There are questions that should be asked and answers that should be of more interest to the American voters than the number of rounds of golf the president has played or the vehicles that Mr. Romney owns.

Why has Congress been running a nation into massive debt without having a budget passed since the start of the current administration?  Remember when President Obama was elected his party controlled both houses of Congress and still they failed to pass a budget, why?  How was that in the best interest of the American people?

Today we hear about jobs going overseas, we hear about factories closing and we are led to believe it is somehow the fault of a successful business or the weakness inherent in the freedom we have.  The problem isn’t found in our freedom.  Our strongest economic growth has come from individuals with a dream, willing to work having the freedom to attain that dream.

Our founding fathers never envisioned government as the creator of jobs.  Our founding fathers created a nation based on freedom guaranteed to every individual so they could pursue their own vision of happiness.  Today we hear too much about envy, blame, and greed, and too often if you are successful today you are positioned as a villain sucking the life out of America.  That was wrong in 1776 and it is wrong today.  In fact such talk is more harmful to American than helpful.

We have the greatest foundation of government on earth.  We have a constitution that guarantees certain freedoms to pursue happiness.  What we need is to hear from our leaders how they will execute their leadership and abide by the Constitution in a manner not to inhibit individuals but to enhance opportunity.

If we have learned anything from recent American history we should have learned we don’t need economic policy based on political interests.  We don’t need bailouts for banks, bailouts for union autoworkers or special funding for union teachers, firefighters or police.  We need economic policy based on the real needs of the people not on the personal need for votes to remain in office.

The next time you turn on your television get ready for your own shovel ready project because the pile will soon be rising.  Forget the candidate of prideful promises and analyze their past performance when given a task.  Ask yourself, were they successful in what they tried to accomplish?  Does the candidate have a history of successful accomplishment?

Remember, a successful person in charge can adjust to a situation, overcome challenges and lead others forward to accomplish the stated goals.  America needs leaders at all levels, and voters have an awesome responsible to support the best leader.  The key for voters  is recognizing a leader from a dreamer or pandering politician.


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