Coventry Schools Ranked After Test Results

Each year the State of Connecticut test students to measure the impact of our educational system.  Here are the results for 2012 for Coventry CT.

Out of 164 school districts Coventry ranks 79th placing Coventry in the top 50%, this ranking is based on an average test score of 76.6.  To achieve a ranking in the top 50 the average test score required was 80.1

So how did Coventry do at the various grade levels and where are the problems and where are the best performances?  Below is a copy of the test scores as reported by the State of Connecticut indicating the percentage of students performing at or above goal in each of the subjects and grades tested.

Grade              Math                Reading           Writing            Science

3rd                   78.2                 75.8                 73.5

4th                    82.6                 75.4                 73.2

5th                    81.4                 77.4                 56.7                 70.2

6th                    83.6                 87.6                 75.8

7th                    81.3                 88.3                 88.3

8th                    81.6                 92.8                 86.1              82.6


Grade              Math                Reading           Writing            Science

10                    47.0                 63.6                 81.6                 57.6

Some observations and questions based on the results:

While reading score were a bit low on the 3rd grade level the steady progress and end results is admirable.  One has to question if the ability is there why the results are so relatively low in the early years and is there a weakness in the foundation of reading learning that can be addressed earlier?

Writing scores seem to follow a lagging progression with the reading scores and one anomaly in the 5th grade results which needs some additional explanation.  The 5th grade writing score somewhat distorts the overall test score average to the low side and does not necessarily reflect on the true quality of education in Coventry.

The math scores while consistent show little progress in actual performance growth and the CAPT test score of 47.0 at grade 10 is troubling.  This is another area that should be further explained or addressed.

While test results are not the final say or measure of a student’s ability to learn, retain or perform they are one of the tools to measure our educational system and the information is important to evaluate.  There are questions that will come to mind as you look at the results and listening to your Board of Education address the issues.


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One response to “Coventry Schools Ranked After Test Results

  1. Nathan

    Yes those scores are very troubling, especially with not only the amount of attention but the importance of math and science leaders in education have been emphasizing over the past several years. Also with the Administration of Coventry Public Schools placing all the responsibility of the disappointing 10th grade scores on the qualified but newer teachers. That’s very troubling with the new teacher evaluation process.

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