School And Driver Safety A Concern In Coventry

Coventry is falling behind in highway maintenance and it could contribute to accidental death or dismemberment.  Accidents happen, but the community recognizes that fact and invests money on traffic control signs as a preventative measure.  The investment however is compromised if the signs are not properly visible.

A recent drive from Main Street to South Street on Cross Street was troubling and potentially dangerous.  The street where G. H. Robertson School is located, a street where safety should be of particular concern, sight lines for safety signs are compromised and in some cases rendering the signs nearly useless.

Below are pictures of what a driver’s experience may be as they proceed along Cross Street.  Not all drivers are familiar with the street and these signs are there for safety reasons, signs paid for and installed with our tax dollars.  These are not the only signs in town with sight line issues.  This is only one example near a school on a highly traveled road and it should have some priority and attention paid to it.

You may leave your thoughts, observations or ideas for improved safety in Coventry by entering your comments below.




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5 responses to “School And Driver Safety A Concern In Coventry

  1. Cindy

    I have seen kids walking down Lewis hill Rd after school. The trouble is they walk down on the wooded side, and people fly up there after turning from 44. Even going slow, you just about see the kids before you have to cut to the other lane to miss them. They are kids, so they’re not thinking about what’s coming around the corner at them. And they are usually walking 3-4 feet into the road. If they walked down the other side it would be much better.

  2. Has the Town Manager’s office or Public Works been told about this?

    -Jonathan Stankiewicz
    Chronicle Staff Writer (860) 423-8466 ext 3345

  3. Nathan

    Today I saw four Coventry Public Work trucks refinishing the chip seal work on Daly Road!! Well, actually two guys were working while one parked in front of the Penalty Box doing nothing and the other was doing nothing up the road. NO they weren’t doing traffic calming or even on break, unless Town workers get a hour and a half for break at 9:00 in the morning?

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