Presidential Debate Review – Winner No Doubt

Presidential debate Mitt Romney vs An Empty Suit

There was a big uproar when Clint Eastwood used an empty chair to represent President Barack Obama at the Republican National Convention.  Now it seems he may have been on to something.

The long anticipated first Presidential debate in this election cycle was held in Denver, last night.  It’s over, the first Presidential debate is over, and even the casual observer couldn’t help but notice Mitt Romney was debating an empty suit.

There for the entire world to see stood a man that looked out of touch, confused and bewildered an empty suit if you will.  The suit stood behind a podium listening to Mitt Romney presenting a full explanation and multi-point plan for every situation and every question.  Romney looked every bit like a leader you could trust.

The debate opened with a discussion on the economy and it quickly became apparent the empty suit was not in the same league with Mr. Romney.  The first round discussion came to an end when “the suit” tossed in his towel and asked the moderator if he wanted to move on.

As with any national television event there were instant polls and analysis after the viewing and it is clear in this case there is a winner.  CBS reports the winner of the debate among undecided voters as Romney with 46% Obama 22% and 32% still undecided.  The CNN survey had 67% declare Romney the winner and 25% favoring Obama with 35% saying they were more likely to vote for Romney after the debate and 18% saying Obama with 47% still undecided.

In what may be the most revealing poll a Democratic firm; Democracy Corps conducted a debate group with independent voters in Denver.  In this group Romney was declared the winner by a 2 to 1 margin.  Romney’s gain was impressive as 42% said they would back Romney, compared to only 27% before the debate.  Romney’s favorability rating went up by 41 percentage points to 77% while Obama’s favorability rose by only 3 percentage points.

Many in the Obama corner were disappointed with their candidate for example Michael Moore saying “Obama spoke FOUR minutes longer than Romney did tonight! Didn’t feel that way, did it? That sorta says it all.” Over at MSNBC, commentator Rachel Maddow said that Romney “spent much of the night battling not just President Obama, but also the moderator of the debate, Jim Lehrer. And Mr. Romney won every exchange.”

There can be only one conclusion for President Obama, when Rachel Maddow declares Romney the winner of “every exchange” you know you lost.  There is no television commentator more vocal in support of President Obama than Rachel Maddow but last night even she saw an empty suit at the podium.


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