Educational Changes And A New Class For America’s Children

Times have change and we view the world a little differently than we did just a short time ago.  Our nation is a vastly different country today.  What was once acceptable in our schools is unthinkable today.

This may shock some readers but as a child in a Connecticut public school I remember starting my 6th grade class with a salute to the flag and a different student selected each day to read aloud a passage from the teacher’s bible.  There was no objection and students from all faiths read when called upon.

Students we were taught that America was the land of opportunity, that each of us could express ourselves and seek our own happiness and success was ours because we were lived in a free country.  We were told that in some other countries you would be born into a caste or class that you had limited opportunity but in America we were all equal.

Our world today is changed, today our children hear every day about America we call the middle class.  Today we have politicians that have made a career out of becoming a member of what can only be called the “government class”.  Yes they are the ones that make the laws, from which they exempt themselves and lavish themselves with personal benefits paid with the hard earned tax dollars of average American workers.

Today we are told by the same government class politician that they are fighting for the “middle class” they have taken the teachings of years ago and altered our view of America.  Today we are hearing our politicians talk about taxing “the rich” is this yet again another “class” in America?  Have we gone from America the land of the free where equality was a virtue to a land of envious greedy folks willing to label our neighbor as a member of an economic class to be somehow treated differently because they are just not like us?

It was Martin Luther King that said he wanted to be judged by the content of his character, have we forgotten those words?  He said nothing about the content of his pocketbook.  Have we slipped into an abyss of inequality pushed by governmental politicians so hungry to maintain their own political power that they now divide our nation into a herd of envious sheep willing to financial punish our neighbors because of their success?  Is America better off when politics divides our people into a nation angry at one another looking to redistribute the assets of one in the name of another?

Maybe it is the changing times, maybe things have really changed but America should always be the land of the free offering opportunity for an individual to seek their own happiness.  America and the ideals of our founding fathers will be lost when opportunity and freedom are replaced by envy, greed and redistribution at the hands of a career politician from the “government class”.


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  1. Hank

    Unfortunately, your premise appears to be correct. It is no longer “We the people” of the United States. With our “governing class” solely dedicated to the proposition that their power must alone be sustained and strengthened, our government is truly broken.

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