Coventry Community News – A Milestone Accomplishment

Congratulations to “Operation Drop in the Bucket” it has just past the 1,000 member mark on Facebook.  The founder and administrator for the site, Michelle M. Hicks from Coventry CT said, “the goal for this group is to do one nice thing for someone everyday”.

Michelle was inspired to start the group on Facebook after seeing the movie, Pay It Forward.  According to Michelle, “I chose the name “Drop in the Bucket” because each person’s daily good deed is a small drop into a big bucket, but the more people that do it, the quicker the bucket fills up.”

When not acting as a website administrator Michelle makes a career in service to her community as a police officer and knows the impact good deeds can have on a community.  In her words good deeds will enhance every community, “I just think if everyone made a conscious effort to do something nice for at least ONE person a day, think how many lives could be affected!”

Michelle is realistic in her thinking and expectations saying, “It can be the littlest thing, such as letting a car out of a parking lot in traffic, holding open a door for someone, or giving someone a compliment.”  She recognizes the importance of small deeds and big smiles, what a wonderful goal and outlook for an entire community to adopt.

Joining the group is easy and a direct link can be found at the end of this post.  Ms. Hicks says, “Please join this group and pledge to do the one nice thing a day. You don’t have to post the things you do, but feel free to if you wish (especially if it is really big or unique).”

Drop in the Bucket started in Coventry but can spread to the world.  The Opining Quill is asking that you join me as a member of the group and share this post with your friends, asking them to support Michelle in making our world a better place to live, one smile at a time.  Add a drop in the bucket today; you never know what it may contribute to the life of another.

Direct link to Operation Drop in The Bucket:


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