Spending Addiction, Mismanagement Or Presidential Material?

Apparently one billion dollars is not enough for even a single candidate to pay for his campaign this year.  Why would a candidate borrow $15 million when they have already collected a billion dollars for a political campaign?

If you had $1,000,000,000 do you think you could possibly put together a political campaign without having to borrow more?  Do you think that if you can’t even manage a BILLION dollars for a political campaign then just maybe you haven’t got the expertise to manage the national budget?

Is spending so addictive that perhaps a person’s judgment becomes so far from reality that simply math, addition and subtraction in a checkbook is more than they can handle?  Is spending such large sums of money with reckless abandonment a pattern?

Our nation is falling deeper in debt every minute; we now owe more than we ever have.  One of our political campaigns is being run like the federal government spending more than it has.  Is this a pattern of behavior that we should endorse and vote to continue?

Why on earth does Barack Obama have to borrow money from Bank of America to help pay for his campaign?  Is he so addicted to over spending that a budget means nothing on a personal level or as his record shows on a national level?

Yes, it is hard to believe but apparently Barack Obama’s billion dollar campaign budget needed a bailout.  When a billion dollars was not enough his campaign had to borrow $15,000,000 million dollars.

Doesn’t it just make you wonder with a 16 trillion dollar national debt how much more we will owe if he is elected for another four years?  Remember to vote on November 6.


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One response to “Spending Addiction, Mismanagement Or Presidential Material?

  1. I am also thinking same sort of things as you mention in above Barack Obama have to take so much money for his campaign it will be so risky and can be damage our economy. Thank you for your post in this topic.

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