Amazing Old Folks – Why Did We Worry?

North Carolina is one of the states that allows for early voting.  Now this seems on the surface to be a good idea, after all you never know if you will still be alive on Election Day.  That may be considered a strange or morbid statement by some but let’s look at the facts.

The voting in North Carolina has started and we already have some fact checking to do.  So far we have 647,927 ballots received compared with the 647,592 received by this date back in 2008 but there is something else interesting.  In 2008 by this time 2561 people in one age group had voted and this time four years later that same population has decreased to 1252.  Yes, I am writing about the people 112 years old that have already submitted their ballots.

It sure seems like grandma and grandpa are hip with this election.  I mean, looking at the overall numbers less than 10% of the registered voters have casted their ballots so far.   This means in theory we could expect maybe as many as 100,000 ballots from people celebrating their 112th birthday this year in North Carolina.  Wow that seems a bit high doesn’t it?

If that seems amazing, consider this, they are youngsters compared to others reported to have voted.  Yes, in Gaston County it seems there is a voter that is 154 but astonishing as that is, over in Granville County reports have it that a voter age 160 has voted!  Can you imagine that a voter that is old enough to have seen Abraham Lincoln alive is still voting?

No doubt about it, all this talk about voter registration this year and requiring better identification caused such uproar, but why?  If we look at all these political active older folks that might not have been able to vote if they had to run around getting new picture identification it would have been such a travesty of justice.

When we hear about voter apathy we can rest assure that the older folks in North Carolina are clearly showing that age and apathy have no correlation.  Just remember here in Connecticut you must show some identification when going to the polls to vote on November 6th so have it ready and don’t forget to vote.


Information for this post was taken from sources deemed reliable and factual, for additional information you may find North Carolina Transparency Vote Tracker to be of interest.


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