Treasured Memories for Thanksgiving

When you really reflect on life, it is not the money that you make or the things that you own that are meaningful.  Time makes you appreciate what you have that is important; when all is said and done it is the memories that make us thankful on this day.

Memories are the treasures we have of times gone by, the good, the bad, the happy and sad.  Over time the sad memories fade and we relish and recall the happy times.  Sometimes in life it is the simple things that become the most treasured.

For me such a time is Thanksgiving.  A holiday that brought family together, but for me it was a special time that I shared with my Dad.  A man that worked longer hours than any other man I knew.  Dad didn’t have a lot of leisure time but Thanksgiving morning was different.  There was no work and it was our time, just us, a time to share together.

In Manchester the tradition was to go to the road race, we would stand together, much of the time in silence but it was our time, and it is my treasured memory.  The day would not be complete if we did not watch the high school football game, home or away it did not matter.

Back then it mattered to me who won, but now I don’t remember the games I only recall those cherished memories, that special time on Thanksgiving.  The four hours shared with my Dad on Thanksgiving it is those hours and memories that I treasure.

My dad is not with me anymore, his life cut short by tragedy but oh how I feel the pain and sense of loss on Thanksgiving.  On Thanksgiving I give thanks for the time we had and the memories he gave me and then my mind will wander to my boyhood friend that had no dad with whom to share Thanksgiving.

His dad had died when he was young and he had no chance for memories of a Thanksgiving morning with dad.  I often wonder what his dreams were for the future, the life he planned with family and the memories he would treasure.  For my friend there is no Thanksgiving, no family time with children, for him those dreams were never realized.  He gave his life to his nation, and now on Thanksgiving his family only has a memory of a young man that bravely served and sacrificed in Vietnam.

This Thanksgiving I will give thanks to God for the memories I have and say a pray of thanks and remembrance for my friend that sacrificed all that he had to serve our nation.  On Thanksgiving savor the time you have.  On this day there is much to be thankful for and in the years to come you will be most thankful for the memories.

Life offers many memories and many lessons, as I reflect on Thanksgiving I am also moved to say thank you to the readers of the Opining Quill and wish you well.  As you gather together on Thanksgiving cherish the moments, for the memory of this time will one day rekindle the warmth of yesteryear.


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2 responses to “Treasured Memories for Thanksgiving

  1. Anonymous

    I cherish memories from thanksgiving the food was great but I remember the dishes. Washing dishes with Mom and my sister, the kitchen filled with laughter, dishes and suds. What I wouldn’t give to have those sweet ladies and a pile of dishes.

  2. Anonymous

    Opining Quill thanks for your thoughts on Thanksgiving and incite through out the year. Happy Thanksgiving, Tim Ackert

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