Disgusting Politics

It was Martin Luther King that said he wanted to be judged by the content of his character, have we forgotten those words?  Dr. King never said anything about the content of his pocketbook.

We are slipping into an abyss of inequality pushed by governmental politicians so hungry to maintain their own political power that they now divide our nation into a societal class willing to financial punish our neighbors because of their success.  Is America better off when politics divides our people into a nation angry at one another looking to redistribute the assets of one in the name of another?

Today we have politicians that have made a career out of becoming a member of what can only be called the “government class”.  Yes, they are the ones that make the laws, from which they exempt themselves and lavish themselves with personal benefits, paid for with the hard earned tax dollars taken from average American workers.

I am disgusted with candidates in any election using divisive attacks telling us they are fighting for the “middle class”.  The truth is most of them are fighting to remain a career politician so they will never have to earn their working in the real world with the income and benefits like an average American worker.  Too many elected leaders promote class warfare, as long it does not identify them as a member of the “government class”.

The schism created within our nation is detrimental for all Americans and fosters an atmosphere of delusion and distrust within our society.  It has become fashionable for politicians to vilify success as an enemy.  Far too often we have heard a politician claim they are fighting for the “middle class”, just who is the enemy?  If they win this mythical battle how will it change our nation and what will the so called “middle class” look like when they get done?

Having a “middle class” dependent on government for equality, income, and essentials of life protected by elected politicians does not bode well for our future as a nation.  When the people depend on government for essentials it nurtures a voting pattern that is self-serving based on promises for government support.

History has shown that the weight of dependency on government exceeds the ability to deliver on the promises and the people of dependency soon become the peasants of politicians.  The incentives and ability to prosper within our society is eroding and are at risk for future generations.  Our historical work ethos is being destroyed by ego driven self-serving politicians more interested in a career and power than on public service.

The so called “middle class” as we think of it today may one day be a footnote in American history if we do not change our views on the role of government and our relationship to it.  Our path as a nation must lead to long term solutions to our economic woes and debt.  We must reject quick fix politically popular rhetoric in favor of policies that will preserve the ethos, morals and opportunities for future generations.



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