Coventry News: Celebrity To Help Raise Funds

Tis just days before Christmas and all should be bright,

But in Coventry some things are not right.

In front of Town Hall a tree shines in great light,

While some of our neighbors are found in a plight.

What should be a season of giving and joy,

Only brings stress if you can’t buy a toy.

Out of a job and down on their luck,

Neighbors are short and stretching a buck.

Never living this way before

Up all night and pacing the floor.

Wishing for help to knock at their door

Too proud to ask for help evermore.

This is your chance, a time to do good,

Helping your neighbors, here in the hood.

Tis the season to spread some good will,

And all it takes is a few bucks in the till.

The economy has been tight recently and more families are having a difficult time, but you can help your neighbors here in Coventry.  Ninety percent (90%) of all monies stay right here in Coventry when you make a donation to a local Salvation Army Bell Ringer.

Things have been a little tight this year in the economy and Coventry must dig a little deeper as a community to help our neighbors in need.  Indeed we are fortunate to have a new helper this year, a celebrity you might say.

Despite a very busy schedule getting things ready at the North Pole, Santa Claus has stepped forward to help ring the bells here in Coventry.  In a statement released from the North Pole Santa said, “Those residents of Coventry making a donation when he is in town will have an inner glow of happiness, knowing they are helping their neighbors in need”.

He is inviting moms and dads to bring the children along and have their pictures taken with Santa.  The schedule of appearances for Santa Claus depends on his schedule and weather.  He wants to keep that red velvet suit dry for the big trip on Christmas Eve.  According to Santa, “No donation is too small or too large.  All are needed and will sure be a help to your neighbors in Coventry”.

Santa will at Highland Market this Saturday the 15th from 10:00am until noon and on Tuesday the 18th at CVS from 3:00pm until 5:00pm

PLEASE HELP to get the word out by passing along this link to others.

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