God, Country And A Newtown Tragedy

Today is Sunday a traditional day of worship for Christians as they gather in congregations to pray and practice their religious beliefs.  This Sunday in churches across the land Christians have taken notice of the recent events in Newtown, Connecticut.

People of every faith have turned out for vigils and turned to religious leaders for comfort, guidance and solace.  It is times like this that the strength of religion is most apparent in our nation.

The tragedy of Friday morning and resulting sorrow has struck at the inner fabric of emotion across our land.  Once again the false facade of political correctness is taking a back seat to inner belief, as a nation stands on the religious foundations of our great land.

Many elected leaders are casting aside their pandering practice of political correctness to attend religious services, vigils and some have even invoked the name of God in their remarks.  The concept of separation of church and state within our government was intended to protect religious practice and yet somehow we have gone full circle to give it new meaning to erect a wall to stop the practice of religion.

It is rather ironic that in this season of Christian celebration we are stimulated by sorrow to seek the lord for comfort and solitude.  It is precisely this time of the year when we find on a daily basis examples of public policy set to limit religious beliefs and practice.

As a matter of public policy we have removed the cultural traditions and practice of singing many Christmas carols in our schools, or even the mention of Merry Christmas.  What is ironic or sad is our reaction to the sorrow and tragedy by our elected leaders.

In a time of tragedy the power of prayer suddenly becomes politically correct and the objections to elected leaders taking part are muffled.   It is reflection of our weakness as a nation to not to stand up for and protect the practice of religion at all times and not only in times of convenience.

Our nation was founded on Christian values, shared by other religions.  We are indeed a nation of diversity and yet we protect and honor that diversity within our Constitution.  We are a melting pot of world cultures and as people we need not fear the practice of religion, we need to protect the rights of those that chose to practice their faith as part of our culture.

The right to practice religion is just as sacred as the right to be an atheist.  It is no more right for a government to advocate a single religion than it is to advocate an atheistic set of values on our nation.

While we have allowed pray to be removed from our schools I cannot help but think that last Friday that policy may have been also tossed aside at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.  The practice of prayer at that time did not harm our society but may have offered some a feeling of strength at a time when they most needed it.

The Opining Quill urges all readers to address your emotions stimulated by the events of Friday in your own way.   The victims, families and friends will be in my personal thoughts and prayers in the coming days.  In this time of sadness and sorrow our nation remains, one nation under God and it is in God we trust.


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  1. Interestingly enough, this attempt by the government to ultimately take away our 2nd amendment rights seems to have backfired. Instead the country is having a religious revival which can only be a good thing. God does work in mysterious ways.

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