A Time To Trigger Action

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The President pauses during his speech at Sunday interfaith vigil in Newtown CT. AP Photo

A vigil to remember fallen children of God was held in a public high school with prayers and words from numerous religious leaders.  Make no doubt it was a sad occasion where tears fell upon the floor.

While the messages of condolence and prayer were spoken from leaders of Muslim, Jewish and Christian congregations, in the words of world religions we are all children of God.  Twenty Eight of God’s children perished on Friday in what can only be described as a horrific tragedy.

Yes twenty eight died but only twenty six of the twenty eight were being remembered.  Are not all of them God’s children?  Is the pain any less for a parent to lose a child based on the cause of death?  Was the mother of Adam Lanza any less of a victim on this day?  Does her family hurt just a little less?

In every religion represented at the vigil we are reminded about life, and the imperfections of mankind.  We are taught a responsibility to watch over and guide the weak and frail among us.  Our role on earth to propagate, nurture, and protect the children of God is well documented in all faiths.  I can recall no readings of scripture that would tell us to consider the souls of one more important than another.

It is our responsibility as children of God to forgive, as well as too remember and so it is, that a vigil and prayers would be appropriate for the young and innocent as well as all the other children of God found among the dead.

The deaths of twenty eight people may not have been from the movement of a trigger finger as much as the mental misfiring of a synapse.  In the eyes of religion there can be innocence where mankind sees only questions, revenge and hate.  It is not for us to judge.

President Obama delivered a speech much of which was words of scripture and yet neatly scripted were words of political overtones calling for change.  On this solemn and somber occasion reaction in newsrooms suddenly turned to gun control. At a time set aside as vigil for the departed the spotlight of reflection and commentary turned toward the impending political actions of a President, it was a message for another day.

When the day comes to talk of change will we face the root cause of our societal problems that foster outbreaks of violence, and suffering or shall we deny reality?  Can we continue to mainstream God’s children with mental challenges hoping they will not someday act out to harm themselves and others?  Can we put aside political correctness and deliver meaningful care and treatment for the mind?  Can we concentrate more on treating the triggers in the mind than regulating the fingers on the trigger?

Too often we see death not from the gun in the hand but from the hand on the gun.  The guilty shall be those responsible to care for God’s children and fail to act appropriately.

The innocent are not only the little children of God.  Innocence can be found among the ashes of dreams in the minds of the ill.  Forgive them for they know not what they do.


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  1. I received this comment via email but felt it should be posted here:

    You are so right about the fallen in Newtown including the mother of and the shooter. When a similar tragedy hit the one room Amish classroom the Amish extended the hand of forgiveness to the wife and children of the killer and paid a visit to console them. They even shared a portion of the donations that were sent to aide the survivors that were wounded and needed extensive medical treatments. Grace and forgiveness are hard to find at such a difficult time but we are told to forgive as we have been forgiven. The strength to forgive during such a time is a true act of enormous faith.

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