Improving Our Economy Starts On The Local Level

HPlogoI recently stood in front of Highland Park Market listening to Santa Claus ringing a bell for charity and watching high school students having a bake sale for a school trip to Europe.  I reflected on the generosity of Highland Park management for the community use of their space.

My mind began to contemplate the value of having a business like Highland Park Market in a small town like Coventry, CT.  Memory of nearly every local event, charity drive, and non-profit organizational activity brings to mind the participation of Highland Market.

Their contribution to the lives of our young people is immeasurable.  Working at Highland Park is often the first step in a life time of work.  It is in the aisle, at the register and walking groceries out to cars that teenagers learn basic skills for employment and life.

Recently an elderly citizen of Coventry needed assistance while shopping at Highland and it was a young worker that stepped forward to provide her a chair to rest and drink to refresh.  He not only assisted, he did it with a caring attitude of compassion.  This incident is just one reflection of the level of expectation that is imparted to young impressionable minds being molded to move forward in life careers starting with a job at Highland Park.

The value of the acts of kindness and the contributions to community by the management and staff at Highland Market are incalculable.  Highland is not only one example of a community committed company.  Across America there examples in every town and city we are fortunate to have business leadership willing to donate and support local efforts to improve our quality of life.

So how do we say thank you?  How do we do our part? How can we encourage them and let them know we appreciate and value their efforts?  The next time you shop and every time you shop favor those companies.

When was the last time your quality of life was improved with a donation or commitment from a foreign manufacturer?  Foreign companies are not the building blocks and foundations for future generations to learn life skills on their first job.

Lettuce could be three cents higher in a local market but let us not forget their contribution to our lives.  That girl at the check-out this year, could be the teacher of your children or your doctor someday and that smile and chat she offers could someday become a warm bedside manner.  Remember the work ethic the youth of today gain at Highland Market will become the contributions of support for your social security retirement in the future.

Shopping local and buying American made products will not only improve our economy but also improve our quality of life.  The next time you shop, consider telling the management or employees you are shopping there to say thank-you and that you prefer to buy “made in the USA” because it helps all of us.

Can I hear an Amen for this from you?


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