She Gave Us More Than Musical Memories

Patti Page bPatti Page, a legendary star of musical fame from the 1950’s died on New Year’s Day; she left us with musical memories of a time gone by and so much more.  Today the Opining Quill salutes Patti Page for her performance of “Old Cape Cod”.

Patti Page created more than music with “Old Cape Cod”, she created a mood, a visual and took you to a place where life stood still while you could exhale stress and relax.   Listening to Patti as the sunsets over Cape Cod Bay brings a special feeling of calm and peace, the perfect elixir for stress relief.

Join me now in listening to Patti Page sing “Old Cape Cod” and enjoy some of the visuals that make Cape Cod such a wonderful escape and bring you to a world of relaxation, beauty.

Click on first picture to hear “Old Cape Cod” by Patti Page

Sunset at Thumpertown Beach 013a

Path To Setting SunGull At The HelmSun At Sunken MeadowSunset On Cape Cod BayDucks In MarshBird On SandCAPE COD 005 - CopySunrise At Nauset Marsh 003aWatching Sunset



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